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It's all coming together
Mrs. Humpty Dumpty

Hi Folks. Mrs Humpty Dumpty is now starting to come together at last. It is kind of slow as the person who wants it, wants it doubled in size. Anyway, she now has the eyes and nose and 2 legs. The piece I am doing at the moment is the hat which will take a bit of time, but I will get there. I don’t think it will take too much longer to do.

Most of it is done with 2 strands of double knitting wool at a time, the only bit which is done with 1 strand is the hair and fringe, which will be a bit of a trial as it involves winding the wool around your 2 fingers as well as the knitting needle…that sounds interesting. When I have done the hair I will put a picture up because it will be all loops!! So until the next time….keep knitting.

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What I have done so far
Going up quickly

Hi folks. I thought you would like to see what I have done so far with Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. I started it as soon as I had finished the teddy bears. What you can see at the moment is the head (believe it or not!!) and the body of Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. It is knitted with 2 strands of wool which makes it quite thick. The head is fawn, then the green and cream will be where the skirt goes and the purple and cream is the lower body. The legs will be knitted separately and then sewn on. It is going up fairly quickly. I will show you the other pieces when I am doing them. So until then, keep those knitting needles clicking away.

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Knitted body of all the teddies

Sausage body4" Teddy bear

Having a picnic
The teddy bears picnic

Hi folks. Well after my mishap the other day with the large teddy, here is what i have done. The woman that wanted the large teddy which didn’t turn our right was happy for me to do th miniature ones. So on the far right is the body of the teddies. As you can see each part  has the garter stitch on the outside. The pieces are all stuffed with polyester filling which you can get from an old cushion or pillow. The bottom right picture shows the body, arms, legs, head and ears. The eyes and nose are sewn on. The top left picture is the finished product which shows the 3 teddies, one of which is asleep on the hammock. On the picnic cloth which was knitted is a sponge cake with knitted cream and jam, a plate of knitted sandwiches and a swiss roll and 3 glasses of lemonade. For the straws i only used the flexible part of straws. I love knitting toys as they don’t take long to do at all. The teddy bears picnic took me 2 days which isn’t bad going at all.

I have now started on Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. I hope you like the teddy bears picnic. I would love to know what you think. So until the next time happy knitting.

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Hi Folks. I have some news about the teddy bear I was doing. It didn’t turn out right because, the person I was doing it for wanted it enlarged from 4 inches to 12 inches and it just didn’t look right, so I will be taking what I have done to show her, and maybe she might want me to do a family of teddy bears at the correct height. If she doesn’t, I will do something else and let you all know. 

I just wasn’t happy with it. At times when you alter things like that they look terrible. So until the next time …keep knitting.



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Headless Teddy

Looks strange at the moment











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Ball of knitting

Body of Teddy Bear












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I, Myself and Me.
At last it is finished

Good Morning everyone. As promised here is the finished jumper you have been looking at in different stages of its life. I finished putting it all together yesterday afternoon. The person modelling it is me. The jumper is grand and long and it covers a multitude. It will be nice and warm too. I hope you like it and enjoyed following its progress. I enjoyed showing it to you.

I am doing a different project now. Someone asked me to knit a teddy bear, which I started yesterday. I will post a picture of it later on today as I have to go out in a minute.

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