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The finished front of jumper
The front of jumper

Hi folks. I bet you have all wondered what has happened or maybe not!! I have been so busy with different things that I didn’t have time to do the blog. Any way as you can see from the picture, I have now completed the front of the jumper. It’s coming on slowly. The dark lines that you can see, seem to be spaced evenly. The dark parts are in the wool itself and it’s just the way it’s turned out which I think is nice. I have started on the sleeves but have only just finished the rib on the cuffs. The diamonds and cables will be in the sleeves as will the double moss stitch. I must get a move on with the jumper because I want to have it finished by Tuesday week for the person’s birthday. I hope it isn’t wishful thinking on my part!! I hope you are all enjoying your knitting and that it is going well for you. So until the next time which WILL be Monday, enjoy your knitting and keep the needles clicking away.


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Part of the front of jumper
The front so far

Hi folks. I hope you are all well and knitting away.

This is now the front of the jumper (exactly the same as the back. You might notice in the picture, the knitting needles I am using, they are bamboo needles. I love knitting with them because, 1. They are light to use, 2. The knitting doesn’t stick to them like on metal needles and thirdly you can’t hear any clicking when you are knitting with them! I find metal needles heavy to use and these are so light you almost forget you are using them! Any way that is all for now until them next time. So take care and happy knitting.

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Aran type stitch
Light and Cool

Hi folks, I am sorry for not posting anything for a couple of days, it’s just that I have been a bit busy sorting out a few things for my own benefit.

Anyway to make up for that, on the right is the jumper as it is now. You can really see the pattern now, that more has been done. It is so easy. As you can see, I am as far as the shaping, so I will shortly be finished that part. By the way it is the back of the jumper. When the whole thing is finished, I think it will be nice and light for the spring weather. So until the next time, keep clicking away.

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Keep it Casual
Simple to do

Hi everyone, So sorry for not posting anything for a couple of days, I have been extremely busy and didn’t have time.

Anyway, here is my new knitting. It looks like an aran butdoesn’t have all the twists and turns that a traditional aran has. The sides and centre are a double moss stitch which is, knitting 1 stitch then purling the next til you get to the end of the row, then on the next row you knit the knit  and purl the purl stitches, then the following row you purl 1 stitch and knit 1 stitch etc, then going in from the sides you have cable stitch which is done by slipping 2 stitches onto a cable needle and leaving at the front or back of the work the you knit the stitches then 2 from the cable needle. Then you have a diamond which is done by slipping 1 stitch onto a cable needle and leaving it at the back of your work, knit 2 then purl the stitch from the cable needle. Easy really. I’m not using the proper wool which it should be done in, I am using a sort of light fluffy wool called Mirage, it’s lovely and soft. The blue stripes which you can see in the picture are actually darker than that and not blue, it’s just the way it turned out using the camera on  my phone!!. So, I hope you like what I am doing and hope that you will follow the jumpers journey with me. So until the next time, as I always say…keep those needles clicking.

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Aran Type jumper
My next project

Hi Folks, On the right is a picture of the next item I am going to do. It is in a magazine called The Peoples Friend. It is a type of Aran jumper, but not as intricate. I am going to knit it in King Cole Mirage wool, and the colour is green with a darker colour going through it. I have actually started but have only done 1 row, so it isn’t worth while putting a picture up yet, but I will. The centre panel is a moss stitch which is done by knitting and purling the stitches then on the next row, you purl and knit and that gives you the moss effect, then there are twists and diamonds which I will explain in due course. So I hope you will enjoy my journey with this sweater, so until the next time, happy knitting.

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She's finished
The finished product

Hi all. I trust you all well.

Well, as you can see on the left, the doll is finally finished. She drove me mad at times, especially when I was doing the hat and hair. The hat wouldn’t work out for me at first because as I told you everything had to be enlarged, so I took a couple of hours break from it, then went back to it and somehow it turned out ok. The top of the hat is stuffed. The decorations on the hat are cherries, and the white stitching on them represents the shine. The hair was also a challenge as you knit one stitch then in the next stitch you insert the needle and wind the wool around the needle and two fingers 3 times and then you wind the wool round the top of the needle once and bring that stitch through the loops and that is how the hair is done. The scarf then is done using all different strands of wool all different lengths. So there you have it…..Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. I hope you enjoyed following my journey with the doll.
The next thing I am doing is, finishing off a jacket for a little girl for the woman that I did the doll for, then I will be doing an aran sweater for a man. Aran knitting is brilliant and I love doing it. I must buy wool for it yet though. Anyway, I will put up pics of the girls jacket as I am doing it. It will only be the right front and 2 short sleeves, as the woman has the left front and back done. I am doing it for her as she hasn’t the time. So as I always say, keep those needles clicking away.

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Taking shape
Busy at work

Hi everyone, I am sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I had to babysit my gorgeous grandson at short notice, so apologies.

Any way, as you can see, Mrs. Humpty Dumpty is finally taking shape, she will look a lot better when she has hair and a hat on!!  The cheeks are coloured with a red colouring pencil, (very gently), the knitting needles are made from 2 straws covered in a strip of 5 stitches and sewn up, the knob on the needles is done the same as the nose. To stop the ball of wool unravelling it is stitched, and her piece of knitting was done on 4mm needles and the last row was done very loosely and then transferred onto her needles. I am hoping to have the hat made by tomorrow, it is taking a bit of time as it is double in size, as I told you the person I am doing it for wants it bigger than the original size of 7 inches. So I hope you have enjoyed this so far, so until next time, (hopefully tomorrow), keep those needles clicking!!!

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