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Strip of Aran knitting

Hi everyone, here is something I am doing for a friend. It is going to be a blanket. It is knitted into strips then sewn together. On the sides of the strip there is a cable stitch and in the middle is a diamond stitch with blocks of baasket stitch . It is very easy to do. It is being done in 100% aran wool which is really lovely and soft to knit with.I hope you like this. So until the next time keep knitting.


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Crochet StarHello everyone,

On the right is something different for you. It is a crochet star. It is done in trebles and double crochet. It is very easy to do and it could be used for Christmas decorations or put on top of a Christmas tree. You could also stiffen it by dissolving 15 teaspoons of sugar in 1/3 cup of very hot water. You then wait for a little while for the water to cool then immerse the item into the syrup, gently squeeze out excess and let it dry flat. When it is completely dry what you could then do is stiffen it permanently by spreading a clear glue overĀ it, something like PVA craft glue, which is what i did with another star and it looks really good. I also did one in fine crochet thread (its like sewing thread!!)

So there you have it, something different. I hope you enjoyed this, so until the next time, happy knitting or crochet.

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Knitted in Bamboo Cotton

Cardigan knitted for a lady

Hello everyone. I am so sorry for not having posted anything for a while. I have been busy moving furniture around and general tidying up. Any way on to mattersĀ of the knitted kind. A while ago I posted a picture of a cardigan I was doing for a lady….and here is the finished product. It is knitted in Bamboo Cotton. It went up quite quickly. I enjoyed doing it as I wouldn’t do a lot of cotton knitting. I do like the pattern at the start of the two fronts and sleeves. It made a change to do that pattern instead of the traditional 1×1 rib.I promise I will post things regularly so I won’t be letting you all down. So until the next time, keep those needles clicking away.

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