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2nd Strip for blanket

Hi everyone. I have been so busy knitting for people that I haven’t had time to do my blog until now.Anyway, I hope you all saw the 1st strip of the blanket which I am doing…so here is the 2nd strip. It is 49 stitches and is done by doing 6 rows of knit 3  and purl 3, then the 6th to 12th rows are purl 3 and knit 3. The effect gives a basket weave effect. There are going to be a lot of strips to do so it is going to be huge and heavy. My friend’s father will be grand and warm!! I am really enjoying knitting this as i havent knitted anything so big before.So until the next time which I hope won’t be too long, keep those needles clicking away. I promise I won’t be too long away.


Posted May 2, 2012 by Carole's Knitting in Adult Knitting