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Hi there. Today I have posted a picture of an Aran jumper which will fit a 2-3 year old boy or girl. I decided to do it in yellow Aran wool as it is gender neutral and also it makes a change from using white or cream which are the traditional colours for Arans. I love all the bobbles and the honeycomb stitch too. I think Aran knitting is my favourite knitting to do, as it means I am not watching the television so much. I wonder what your favourite knitting is to do. I would love to hear.

If anyone needs any help at any time please do not hesitate to ask me either here on Facebook at Knitted Toys and Jumpers.

Sorry that this is a short post but I have other things to do today so until tomorrow, happy knitting.


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Here are some of the projects I have done. The cream bag is an Aran wool bag. The flap is moss stitch with a tassel. The main body of the bag has cables. On the back there are 2 straps so you can wear the bag on your back. The other bag is made of squares and the pattern is the African flower. The handles are plastic. both bags are lined. The dolls are Morag and Bertie Bloomer. I was really proud of Bertie as I entered him into Skibbereen show which was in July and he won 1st prize. I have since sold him. Morag has also been sold to the same person who bought Bertie. Then I have Olaf the Snowman which I really enjoyed crocheting. He is made in one piece. My gorgeous grandson has him. The rest of the things are baby clothes. If you would like to see more of my stuff you can visit my facebook page which is I look forward to all your comments. There is a “like” button which you could click if you like what you see.

So there you have it. I am up and running again on the blog.Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera 10356396_689440584455995_4380421012539752954_n Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera

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Hi all, I haven’t been doing my blog for a long time as I found it hard to keep it going. But now I will give it another go. I have been busy enough doing different bits of knitting, like toys and baby things. I also do a lot of crochet too. I hope you will start following me again. I will psot some photos later of the different things I have made.

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Dressy Jacket

Back of Jacket

Hi everybody, I suppose you have all forgotten about me? I haven’t been on for so long. I changed my computer and had other things to do, I hope you didn’t miss me too much!! Anyway I am now back and on the right is my latest project. It is a dressy looking jacket which I am knitting for my mum for Christmas, yes you read that right, it is for Christmas. It is done using King Cole wool. The colour I would call it would be heather. As you can see from the picture there is a big rib of 30 single rib stitches, and what I would call double cable stitch, and every few rows is reverse stocking stitch. I started it last week in between doing something else. There are 3 colours in the wool which are pink, mauve and grey. I thought it would make a change from knitting in plain colours and I know my mum likes this colour. I will keep you posted as the jacket grows. And I promise I won’t stay away so long in future. So I hope you are all happy to have me back as I am to be back.Talk to you all soon, and as I always say, keep those needles clicking away.

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Strip of Aran knitting

Hi everyone, here is something I am doing for a friend. It is going to be a blanket. It is knitted into strips then sewn together. On the sides of the strip there is a cable stitch and in the middle is a diamond stitch with blocks of baasket stitch . It is very easy to do. It is being done in 100% aran wool which is really lovely and soft to knit with.I hope you like this. So until the next time keep knitting.

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Aran Type jumper
My next project

Hi Folks, On the right is a picture of the next item I am going to do. It is in a magazine called The Peoples Friend. It is a type of Aran jumper, but not as intricate. I am going to knit it in King Cole Mirage wool, and the colour is green with a darker colour going through it. I have actually started but have only done 1 row, so it isn’t worth while putting a picture up yet, but I will. The centre panel is a moss stitch which is done by knitting and purling the stitches then on the next row, you purl and knit and that gives you the moss effect, then there are twists and diamonds which I will explain in due course. So I hope you will enjoy my journey with this sweater, so until the next time, happy knitting.

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