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Aran Type jumper
My next project

Hi Folks, On the right is a picture of the next item I am going to do. It is in a magazine called The Peoples Friend. It is a type of Aran jumper, but not as intricate. I am going to knit it in King Cole Mirage wool, and the colour is green with a darker colour going through it. I have actually started but have only done 1 row, so it isn’t worth while putting a picture up yet, but I will. The centre panel is a moss stitch which is done by knitting andĀ purlingĀ the stitches then on the next row, you purl and knit and that gives you the moss effect, then there are twists and diamonds which I will explain in due course. So I hope you will enjoy my journey with this sweater, so until the next time, happy knitting.

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