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Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera 10356396_689440584455995_4380421012539752954_n Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital CameraHere are some of the projects I have done. The cream bag is an Aran wool bag. The flap is moss stitch with a tassel. The main body of the bag has cables. On the back there are 2 straps so you can wear the bag on your back. The other bag is made of squares and the pattern is the African flower. The handles are plastic. both bags are lined. The dolls are Morag and Bertie Bloomer. I was really proud of Bertie as I entered him into Skibbereen show which was in July and he won 1st prize. I have since sold him. Morag has also been sold to the same person who bought Bertie. Then I have Olaf the Snowman which I really enjoyed crocheting. He is made in one piece. My gorgeous grandson has him. The rest of the things are baby clothes. If you would like to see more of my stuff you can visit my facebook page which is I look forward to all your comments. There is a “like” button which you could click if you like what you see.

So there you have it. I am up and running again on the blog.



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Knitted in Bamboo Cotton

Cardigan knitted for a lady

Hello everyone. I am so sorry for not having posted anything for a while. I have been busy moving furniture around and general tidying up. Any way on to matters of the knitted kind. A while ago I posted a picture of a cardigan I was doing for a lady….and here is the finished product. It is knitted in Bamboo Cotton. It went up quite quickly. I enjoyed doing it as I wouldn’t do a lot of cotton knitting. I do like the pattern at the start of the two fronts and sleeves. It made a change to do that pattern instead of the traditional 1×1 rib.I promise I will post things regularly so I won’t be letting you all down. So until the next time, keep those needles clicking away.

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Sleeves so far

Front and reverse of sleeves

Hi everyone.  On the right is a picture of the sleeves so far. The far right is reversed so that you can see what the back of the pattern looks like. I am almost up to the armhole shaping now, so it won’t be long until it is finished, then I will be on to another project, which I will tell you about on another day.I cannot wait to be finished this jumper as it seems to be taking me forever, because as I told you all before, I have been busy with meetings and visitors and babysitting. Anyway I hope you like what you see. I am hoping that the person I am knitting for will do the modelling when it is finished. So until the next time, keep on knitting and enjoy what you are doing.

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The finished front of jumper
The front of jumper

Hi folks. I bet you have all wondered what has happened or maybe not!! I have been so busy with different things that I didn’t have time to do the blog. Any way as you can see from the picture, I have now completed the front of the jumper. It’s coming on slowly. The dark lines that you can see, seem to be spaced evenly. The dark parts are in the wool itself and it’s just the way it’s turned out which I think is nice. I have started on the sleeves but have only just finished the rib on the cuffs. The diamonds and cables will be in the sleeves as will the double moss stitch. I must get a move on with the jumper because I want to have it finished by Tuesday week for the person’s birthday. I hope it isn’t wishful thinking on my part!! I hope you are all enjoying your knitting and that it is going well for you. So until the next time which WILL be Monday, enjoy your knitting and keep the needles clicking away.

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Purple wool

Very easy to doIt's growing

Hi Folks. I thought I would show you a close up of the twist pattern in my knitting. As you can see it forms a ridge. It really couldn’t be easier to do. Like I said in yesterday’s post you slip the 1st stitch then knit the next and pass the slipped stitch over and knit into the back of it. Then on the wrong side row you purl all purl stitches and knit all knit stitches.

The lower picture is what I have done so far. It doesn’t seem that much but, in between doing housework and baking, it is a lot. Well, I hope you like what I have done so far. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Galaxy Wool

Hi Folks. Well as promised here is an update of my knitting. On the left are the left and right fronts of the cardigan and the piece on the right is the back. It knits up fairly quickly so at this point I am hoping to have the cardigan finished next week. That might be wishful thinking to some of you but I am a quick knitter. Talk to you all soon.

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A sample of knitting

At the moment I am knitting with Galaxy wool which has sequins running through it.

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