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Hi folks, sorry I haven’t posted for a couple weeks. I have been busy doing assignments for the course I am doing which is Office Skills and I am really enjoying it.

Here are a couple of things I have made lately. On the right is a shawl which I knitted and it is the very first shawl I have ever made. I used Findley Farm lace which is beautiful to use as it is silky too. I also added beads into it.

On the left is a crocheted robin. I used safety eyes and ordinary double knit wool. I love making the robins as they don’t take long to crochet. I can do one a night.

So that is all for the moment.

Kepp knitting and most imortantly is to keep warm as it is very cold at the moment.


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Hi there everyone. I hope you are all well today.

So today I thought I would show you what I made my mum for Christmas and it is she who is modelling her brand new jacket in the photos. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and the colour is called apricot. She loves the jacket and can’t wait to show it off. I think the colour really suits her too.

The stitch is garter stitch (which is every row knit) and at the waist there is a 1 x 1 rib which actually shapes the jacket. Along the sleeve you have the cabling.

It only took me around 2 weeks to knit because I decided to stay at it until it was done. Usually I start something then start something else and so on and so on. I suppose other crafters are the same. I always have something on the needles or hook so you can imagine how many projects I have on the go.

I must pull myself together and only do one thing at a time. Some chance of that happening!!!

So that is all for today and all going well I will do another post tomorrow. So bye for now and if any crafters are reading this I wish you all luck in whatever you are doing.

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

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As promised yesterday here I am. I hope I am not too late for some people. I am slowly getting back into a routine after Christmas. I am doing an office skills course and today we went back after the break and it is so good to get the brain thinking again.  Anyway onto things craft ie knitting.

Here are some things I have knitted lately.

These 3 pictures are 2 dolls in 1 and as you can probably guess it is Cinderella. On the far right she is in her rags and in the middle picture she is in her ball gown. The white wool has a sparkle in it. Around the end of the blue dress I sewed a strings of nice beads around so she looks pretty for her prince. The nearest picture is of the 2 dolls in 1. I love making this doll. It only takes me a couple of days to knit. I used polyester toy filling to stuff her. She would be suitable for a child of  upwards even adults!! I think we are all children at heart.

It was stocking stitch throughout. I hope you like her. I do sell my things so if you see anything you might like please contact me.

Bye for now. I shall be back tomorrow when I will show you what I knitted for my mum for Christmas.


Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

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Happy New Year to all of you out there. Yet again I haven’t been very good at doing my blog. So I think I should make a new year resolution and that is to do the blog regularly. I will post items that I have made. For anyone that doesn’t know me I have been knitting since I was around 8 years old. My mum taught me I have built up quite an extensive stash of wool so I must get round to using it up. I also do crochet which my aunt taught me when I was around 11ish. That is a great way to use up wool as it is very quick to do. I might occasionally post pictures of some of my crochet stuff.

I love learning new crafts too. I have a few great friends who are fantastic crafters. They have taught me to do cross stitch which I absolutely love and find relaxing, I have learned to use a sewing machine. I have not used a sewing machine since I was at secondary school, because one day I got told off by the teacher for cutting material the wrong way and from that day to recently I wouldn’t and didn’t go near a sewing maching and now I can make cushion covers, so that in itseld is a great achievement in my eyes.

One if the things I love knitting is Aran as there are so many different stitches and you are using ordinary knitting needles plus a cable needle to hold the stitches for the intricate patterning.

so now you know a little bit about me and you will be learning more about me when I post some pictures which will be tomorrow.

So I will sign off for now and see you all here tomorrow.


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Hi there. Today I have posted a picture of an Aran jumper which will fit a 2-3 year old boy or girl. I decided to do it in yellow Aran wool as it is gender neutral and also it makes a change from using white or cream which are the traditional colours for Arans. I love all the bobbles and the honeycomb stitch too. I think Aran knitting is my favourite knitting to do, as it means I am not watching the television so much. I wonder what your favourite knitting is to do. I would love to hear.

If anyone needs any help at any time please do not hesitate to ask me either here on Facebook at Knitted Toys and Jumpers.

Sorry that this is a short post but I have other things to do today so until tomorrow, happy knitting.

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Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

It is a  wet day here today in Bandon and quite breezy too. Still what can we do? We can’t control the weather mores the pity. Anyway to make the day a bit better here are some items I have knitted and crocheted a while back. The first picture is a child’s cardigan. I love this as it is knitted in one piece up to the armholes, I also like the pattern in it. I used 100% wool so it is nice and warm. The second is wool from Aldi. It is a lemon sparkle yarn and so easy to knit. I like the scallop edging on the neck and one button. The the next is something completely different, a crocheted owl. Some of my friends would tell you I love owls, and so of course I had to crochet one. They can be made in any colour which makes it fun really. Then we have the last picture which is my Christmas wreath which is always on my door only at Christmas!!, I decided to make a frosted looking wreath, so I used a grey sparkle and white sparkle wool, and knitted holly leaves and berries and I think it looks really good. That is all for today, so I hope you like these. It has started raining again so there is only one thing to do and that is to get back to the knitting. Talk to you all again soon. Enjoy your weekend whatever you may be doing.

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